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2024 Breeding

Planned breeding season 

 I try to have a doe bred before 2yrs old so its easier on their body. I assess body structure and growth before planning to breed each doe. The doe's width in the hips and maturity play a huge part, as well as age. The below 7 doe's will be bred with Mylil Jasper 90.62%, Trinity Clancy of the Overflow 81.25% and Trinity Callum Hann 100% FB.

 Kids will be available at 10/12 weeks after double vaccinations and wethering of the boys not sold as bucklings. All kids are dam raised with human interactions daily with my family and children.

Please email or text any interest in my goats and potential kids.

Meet The Doe's, 2024 breedings

LaFamilia Elsie 71.87%, kids will be 76.56% with Clancy
Vino Amore Lady Diana 84.38%, kids will be 92.19% with Callum
LaFamilia Amelia 90.62%, kids will be 90.62% with Jasper
Lafamilia Sadie 89.09%, kids will be 85.17% with Clancy
Pendulais Park Stevie Nicks 87.5%, kids will be 93.75% with Callum
Mallee Rise Devine Co Inc 75%, kids will be 87.5% with Callum
LaFamilia Sophia 76.56%, kids will be 83.59% with Jasper
Windy Ridge Lotus 62.5%, kids will be 76.56% with Jasper
LaFamilia Fern 68.75%, kids will be 75% with Clancy
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