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LaFamilia Pygmy Goats

Our Farm

Raising Pygmy Goats Responsibly

Since 2018



Meaning "the family" in Spanish, la familia variously refers in English to one's family, circle of friends and coworkers, teammates, or other close communities or organisations.

Our dream became reality in 2016 when Lincoln and I bought our 5 acre property in the beautiful Macleay on the Mid North Coast of NSW. 

Extending our families love of the outdoors and venturing in new and exciting activities. 

We started off with a few cows, raising them and delving into 'farm' life. After a few years we decided to leave the cattle industry and focus on my long time love of goats. 

Lots of blood sweat and tears (literally) went into improving paddocks, fences, building shelter, researching and saving for our dream.

July 2018, seen us buy our first two goats and our lives have never been the same.......

Our Story

Dreams and Goals 

callum 2.jpg

In July 2018 we bought our first two goats, Pickwil Lola and Tyalgum Ridge Pippa. Two Australian Miniatures bred with Trinity Ronald Regan, pygmy buck. Our herd grew from two to six within weeks and our love for goats did also. 

We sourced more doe's from QLD and NSW and extended our herd. We decided to give breeding a shot whilst keeping the herd small and family orientated.

We pride ourselves on sourcing our starter herd from breeders with good genetics and values. The goats we sourced have now established our lines and goats friendly natures. As our herd grew, so did our involvement with Associations and like minded breeders across Australia. 

As time passed we made the decision to rehome our starter herd and progress with their offspring, keeping the lines going but improving my herds type and %. 

I have been fortunate enough to be offered beautiful and unique goats from respected breeders,  complementing my herd.

Our goal here at LaFamilia is providing fellow breeders small, typey, healthy and friendly goats.

Offering assistance and help when needed, as well as friendships. Goats are not a number to us but part of our family and each one is loved.

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